Protective Styles

Touch your hair less, and allow your strands to rest. 

Environmental factors can play a huge role in your hair care, so it’s very important to incorporate
low-manipulation into your regimen by wearing protective styles (PS), which keeps your hair healthier by:

*Protecting your ends from sun, wind, and friction (e.g. clothing)

*Less stress caused by frequent combing, brushing, and heat styling.

It’s vital to understand that protective styling will do no good if you neglect your hair while wearing them. You need to continue to moisturize your ends regularly, otherwise you’ll continue to suffer from damaged hair and will not retain anything. If you’re wearing a protective style, always maintain your moisture/protein regimen. Remember, your ‘old hair’ has been there the longest, has been through the most, and is most fragile as a result. Baby it, retain it, and grow longer hair.

I’ve incorporated low-manipulation into my regimen and can honestly say that it is one to the top 3 reasons I’ve been able to retain my ‘old hair.’ Each week, I wear a short-term protective style that I know would last at least 4-5 days without me having to comb, brush, or apply heat. (this week: braidout). The focus while wearing the PS is to keep your moisture/protein balance in check and give your strands a break.  Finger comb if you need to, but don’t steer away from the mission.  This challenge is open to everyone and I encourage us all to support each other. Winter is the perfect time for such styles, since the temperatures tend to be harsh towards hair. Send me an email or simply leave a comment to join the Protective Styles Challenge. The reward is healthier hair =).

Happy Hair Time!!

Here are some common protective styles to check out, so that you know where we going with this.

Short-term Protective Styles: Buns, braid-out, twist-out, single/double braid, drawstring ponytail, southern tease bun, clip-in extensions, spiral/rod set.

Long-term Protective Styles: Sew-In, Full/half wigs, micro-braids, kinky twists, two-strand twists, cornrows.



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