Vitamins and Hair: A Perfect Marriage

I have ran through every type of hair, skins, and nails vitamin out there and it probably would’ve myself a lot of time if I knew exactly which vitamins did what when it came to hair health. So here is a comprehensive list to help you out =). Make sure you look for these vitamins in the supplement that you choose and be careful to not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Read on for the list….

Vitamin A: An antioxidant known to help produce healthy amounts of Sebum, which is the fluid our body makes to keep skin moisturized. A healthy amount of sebum results in a properly moisturized scalp and strands. Maximum dosage: 5,000 IU/day

Vitamin B6:  Helps prevent hair loss and also aides in the reation of Melanin, which is the chemical that gives hair its natural color. Also helps to reduce hair thinning.  Maximum dosage: 1.6mg/day

Vitamin B12:  Known to prevent hair loss. Maximum dosage: 2mg/day

Vitamin C: An antioxidant that maintains healthy hair, skin, and immune system. Maximum dosage: 60mg/day

Vitamin E: An antioxidant that enchances blood ciruclation to the scalp, which encourages hair growth. Maximum dosage: 400 IU/day

Biotin: This is the best! It causes your body to produce more Keratin, which is the strong protein that our hair, skins, nails, and teeth are made of. Also helps to reduce hair thinning.  This vitamin is found in prenatal vitamins, which is why most of us have taken them thinking that there is some magical potion–well this is the vitamin that makes the difference =). So just add the Biotin supplement to your regular multivitamin. Recommended dosage: 150-300mcg/day

Iron: Essential for the normal growth and maintenance of hair. Maximum dosage: 18mg/day

Inositol: Keep hair follicles healthy at a cellular level. Maximum dosage: 600mg

Niacin (Vitamin B3):  Proven to help with blood circulation, especially in the scalp resulting in hair growth. Maximum dosage: 15mg/day

Omega 3: adds shine, elasticity, and encourages blood cirulation to scalp–which helps prevent hair loss. Can jump start hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): Known to hep preent prmature grey hair and discourages hair loss. Maximum dosage: 4-7mg/day.

Zinc: Helps curb excessive shedding and prevent hair loss. Maximum dosage: 11mg/day.

WATER: It’s free and works wonders. Hydrates your hair, skins, nails, body….look chica, you need it!! Adequate water intake results in healthier and shinier hair. Ever notice that dehydration causes brittle hair and acne? Ummm hmm, so drink as much as you can! 64 oz. is ideal, so work your way up to about 4 (16oz) bottles of water per day.

There ya go…So make sure to supplement your regular mutivitamin with a few of the vitamins mentioned above. Vitamins should be a part of your regimen, so don’t expect them to produce magical results if you’re not doing everything else required to give you long, healthy hair. Happy Hair Time!

What Vitamins are you all taking right now???

Disclaimer: Maximum dosages were obtained from various internet sites. I am not liable for complications associated with you taking any of the vitamins or dosages mentioned on this post or site. Please take my advice at your own discretion. You may refer to this site for recommended dosages.



3 responses to “Vitamins and Hair: A Perfect Marriage

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  3. The vitamins I take right now: Multivitamin, MSM, Silica, Fishoil, Vitamin Shoppe brand- Elements for Hair. They truly work!!! ^.^ Trust

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