Weaves: How to protect your hair from damage

Don’t forget about your hair

Long-term weave styles include those that are commonly worn for longer than a couple of weeks. Examples include microbraids, kinky twists, sew-ins, Senegalese twists, etc.  Long-term styles and wigs encourage a low-manipulation routine which gives your hair a break, which is excellent, but extra steps must be taken to discourage breakage and dryness.

While wearing a weave, you must continue to care for your hair during these styles to ensure a noticeable difference in the health and length. So how can you help your hair grow while wearing a weave?  Consider these recommendations to help your strands thrive:

Moisturize: You should continue to moisturize your hair under the weave. If you have microbraids or a sew-in, for example, and you don’t moisturize during the course of the style then you will absolutely notice tiny, broken hairs when you take it down. This is not normal. Tiny hairs are signs of breakage, not shedding. You may also notice that your hair feels extremely fragile. That’s because it is dehydrated. You then notice some length, but get frustrated because it keeps breaking off right? To combat this, be sure to continue your daily moisturizing regimen.  Use a water-based moisturizer and apply it down the length of your braids and massage it in. If you have a sew-in and your natural hair is isn’t easily touchable, then I suggest taking the same water based moisturizer and massaging it into your hair with your fingertips. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re hydrating your strands. Our hair is like a plant, without frequent moisture, it will die. And you’ll end up with dry, brittle hair that breaks off as fast as it grows. Stop the trend girl.

Apply Protein: A protein treatment should be done a week before or after wearing a long-term weave style. This is because the process of applying the weave can be hard on your strands. Also, the weave itself can even be heavy and weight your natural hair down. By giving yourself a protein treatment, you increase the elasticity of your strands and give it the strength it needs during the course of the style.

Scalp Care: As discussed in the regimen building article, a clean scalp fosters a breeding ground for healthy growth. I recommend washing your hair every couple of weeks while wearing a weave. If that’s too much work, then take a warm towel and clean your scalp in sections. Then take the towel and wipe down the strands of your braids or twists.  Another option is to use an astringent, such as SeaBreeze Scalp Astringent to gently wipe your scalp clean. If you neglect your scalp while wearing long-term weaves then you will likely end up with a bacterial ridden, dry, flaky scalp and clogged pores. Imagine the condition your face would be in if you didn’t clean it often. Your scalp is no different; its skin too.

Weaves are excellent protective styles and will help you reach your goal when your hair is cared for the right way while wearing them.

As the Hairvolution motto says, “Long hear don’t care, but neglect don’t u dare!”



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