Coconut Chronicles: Deep Conditioner

Okay, so while browsing the Long Hair Care Forum I came along a thread that mentioned using Virgin Coconut Oil to pre-poo and deep condition. A pre-poo is applying a conditioning agent to dry hair prior to shampooing and I have yet to try this procedure. However, I deep condition once a week and decided to feed my coconut obsession. I added about 2 tbsp. of liquified coconut oil to my deep conditioner, wrapped my hair with press n’ seal, and sat under a conditioning cap for 45 minutes. DE-LIC-IOUS!! My hair fell in love, especially the new growth. I’m transitioning to natural and coconut oil moisturized my hair tremendously without weighing it down. A PLUS: Coconut Oil is scientifically proven to penetrate your strands and improve the condition of your hair (remember this article?). So yes, my hair is still dripping wet as I type this post….but I just had to share this super news with my chicas =)



Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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