Ovation Cell Therapy: Don’t Fall for the Hype

Many products promise longer, stronger hair and marketing techniques often trick us into spending major $$$!! We’ve all been there and we’ve all been like “this stuff doesn’t work, I wasted my money!” I’ve heard this commercial on the radio a gazillion times and its just another pocket snatcher. According to their website, the Ovation Cell Therapy product line results in “thicker, longer, stronger,” hair, but at a hefty price of $96 for a set (shampoo, condish, and moisturizer), I’m a bit skeptical. In my opinion and experience, there is no miracle hair product that will result is super long hair. If there was, this blog wouldn’t exist and we’d all be walking around slapping each other with ponytails. The ingredients included in the Ovation Cell Therapy product line are beneficial to encourage healthier hair,  resulting in lessbroken hair, which helps you retain your old and new hair. THIS IS THE MAGIC, not the product.  Let’s rewind back to our discussion on how proper regimen building and correct hair care strongly affect hair retention.  We talked about identifying your hair type, choosing products that foster your hair needs, practicing consistent & proper hair care, learning to retain hair, and then watching the real magic happen.  A great regimen will include all of the effective ingredients needed to help reach your hair length and health goals. But most importantly, we have to remember that hair grows from the inside out. So start by modifying your diet to include mucho water, protein, and vitamins—all of which are PROVEN to result in longer, stronger hair. Then its makes sense that topical products will help to hold onto that new and old hair and BAM!! You’re on your way. So gon’ and roll those pretty eyes at those faux “miracle” products, take that $96, and build yourself a miracle regimen. We got a ponytail fight to get to…Welcome to the Hairvolution ladies  =)


5 responses to “Ovation Cell Therapy: Don’t Fall for the Hype

  1. I used Ovation…. haven’t a bad word to say about it. *shrugs* (well… the shampoo and conditioner are an epic waste of time… all u need is cell therapy)

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