It’s February: Black HerStory and Self-Love

“Love your hair, love your skin even more, admire your shape, and marry the inner woman shaped by your resilience.”
(Sophia O, Hairvolution, 2012)

Black History should be revered ALL YEAR LONG, not just 29 days. So let’s continue to love our culture and improve our education of the positive contributions that have been made on our behalf to to this country. Hairvolution has stepped up to highlight the amazing women that have shaped and solidified what we value so much much….our luscious locks!! The “Black HerStory” series will include weekly posts honoring African-American entrepreneurs and inventors critically involved in the billion dollar African-American Hair Care Industry. Although this series will end after this month, the journey for knowledge should not. Please take a lesson away from this series and remember that we are an unstoppable, and highly imitated, culture. There is nothing that we cannot do as long as there is drive and dedication.  That includes major accomplishments as well as short-term goals… tap into your conscious for a moment and take this ride with me…

UPDATEDBlack HerStory Links——> Madam CJ Walker
Marjorie Stewart Joyner



Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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