Benefits of Deep Conditioning

Me =)

Deep conditioning is one of the most important parts of my regimen and I do not take it for granted. Contrary to popular belief, deep conditioning is not only for damaged hair. It should be done regularly to maintain healthy, moisturized strands. Deep conditioning feeds and hydrates your hair by infusing your strands with much needed nutrients, emollients, and moisturizing agents. Most conditioners coat your strands to result in sleek, shiny, healthier-feeling hair, but they do not penetrate the follicle. Therefore, I add pure coconut oil to my deep conditioner; coconut oil has been scientifically proven to penetrate the hair follicle to improve its overall health.  I then wrap with press n’ seal and sit under a heating cap for 30 minutes ( I personally get better results with heat). The next step in my dc regimen is to rinse, add leave-in, and air-dry. If your hair is relaxed, I recommend that you deep condition after each shampoo. I also advise that you steer clear of conditioners that include mineral oil since it will only coat your strands and prevent moisture from getting in, which defeats the purpose. So challenge yourself to deep conditioning at least twice a month to see the best results and check back in to share your thoughts. In the meantime, happy hair growing =)




Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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