UPDATE: Transition to Natural Hair

So today marks the 12th week of my transition to natural hair. Haven’t relaxed since 11/23/11 and I’m pleased to say that this is working out very well! I was worried about being able to manage both my natural and texlaxed textures during this transition, but with some trial and error, its all starting to fall together. The changes I’ve made to my regimen include:

*Co-washing more often: It helps to keep my hair moisturized, especially my new growth. Currently using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Suave Humectant (rotate)

*Moisturize with coconut oil: At first I was afraid to touch my new growth because it was so dense and sorta intimidated me. But now I realize it just needed some major moisture. I take a large finger-full of coconut oil and rub it through my new growth—-INSTANT curl pattern. I love my natural hair…it just needed my attention and a a lil TLC =)

*Increased frequency of scalp massages: I now do the massages twice a week rather than once a week. It helps to ensure that I’m tending to my scalp and new growth properly. It also increases blood flow to your scalp which encourages growth.

*Incorporated a new daily moisturizer (dm): I typically use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in as my dm, but it hasn’t been as effective on my new growth. Garnier Nutrient Spray is now used more often and moisturizes & smooths my natural and texlaxed strands perfectly. BTW, I use this throughout the day on my new growth and ends when they start to feel dry.

*Still Air Drying: I was afraid my new growth would respond to air drying, but I was wrong. I continue to detangle while in the shower under running water with my Jibere comb, then add my Rusk Smoother Leave-In (focusing on ends), and allow to dry without manipulation. After it dry, I smooth the new growth, bun my hair, put on a scarf, and that’s it…

*Edges: My edges have been the trickiest part of this journey. To smooth them down, I apply castor oil and rub it in real good…then add the pink EcoStyler gel, which is alcohol-free. The combination of both products result in relaxed-looking edges. Mission: Accomplished (btw, I’ve been using EcoStyler Gel since the beginning of my hair journey in 2008–it gets the job done without flaking or damaging your hair–give it a try)

*Avoid heat:  I’ve used a flat iron once since 11/23 and its working out well. My air drying process results in straightened hair and I continue to wear braidouts as well.

So far, this transition is working well. We’ll see what happens when the humidity increases here in Chicago…..I’ll keep you all updated as always =)


Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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