New Look, New Regimen

Hey Chicas!!! I know, haven’t checked in since forever but I’m pulling double duty with my new site Brown Sugar. Check it out =)

Now let’s get to business. I decided to brighten my hair up a bit since Spring in approaching and honestly, I just got a little board with my uni-toned hair (is that a word? lol). Anyway, here’s a pic of my new color:


So, I am deathly afraid of salons, for good reason, and decided to do the color myself. I was going for a honey blond panel, which means I only parted a small section in the front of my hair. I’m very pleased with the result. It took three sessions over the course a month and a half. I first dyed the panel light brown, then lighter brown, and finally bleach blond. I decided to do the bleach blond because I knew it wouldn’t actually bleach it, but needed that particular chemical to achieve the blond result overall. I also did it in three sessions because I have very dark hair naturally and doing the blond right away would not have resulted in the color I was going for. You likey?? btw, I used Loreal Feria with all three sessions.

As we know, double processed hair requires SUPER TLC because its easily prone to damage without the proper care. Although my roots are natural, my ends are still texlaxed which means it is partially relaxed. If you check out the pic above, notice that I purposely did not dye my roots. That’s because a) I just don’t like blond roots b) I want it to grow out into the Ombre look like Ciara’s (here) c) Just in case I fail the challenge and decide to relax my hair, it will not result in baldness. Let’s discuss the last reason, the proper way to dye relaxed hair is to simple: Relax then dye. If you do it backwards, you will become a full-blown skinhead whether you like it or not. So please remember the golden rule.

Another reason why most people experience breakage is because they do not adjust their regimen properly. Hair requires moisture and protein, period. Now dyed hair requires extra protein and moisture since it has been manipulated not once but twice. To combat dryness, damage and ensure that my strands stay healthy, I have incorporated a more moisturizing deep conditioner (1x/week), more use of penetrating oils, increased co-washes, and upped my hard protein treatments from every six months to every three months. I will also continue to use a reconstructor weekly. Air-drying always. Finally, as you know, I have committed to no-heat hairstyles and will continue to do so unless there is a super duper special occasion (like my b-day in July!). My revised regimen is:

Weekly Deep Conditioner: Aubrey Organic’s HoneySuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner (Whole Foods)
Quarterly Hard Protein Treatment: Aphogee 2-Step Treatment (every 3 months)
Penetrating Oils: Coconut and Olive mixed and application focused on all ends, especially the dyed part
Increased Co-Washes: Herbel Essences Helly Hydration Conditioner
Continued Transition to Natural

I’ll be checking-in regularly to update all of you on my progress. Thx for reading and please comment =)

Milford Sound in New Zealand


Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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