Anti-Aging Hair Habits

When you think of anti-aging, the first thing that comes to mind is your body and skin. But did you forget that hair ages too? As we get older, our hair loses keratin—which is the protein that keeps it strong and healthy. Furthermore, poor hair habits such as heat, dye, and over-manipulation causes your hair to age even faster resulting in porous, skinny, easily broken hair. So what should you be doing to prevent this?

Marie Claire magazine recommends these steps:

Hair Food

Feed your strands with the stuff it needs to prevent malnutrition. When you eat, your hair is the last one to receive the nutrients since it is a non-essential tissue. So you must be sure to eat enough hair foods to produce an effect. Maintain a diet full of protein, iron, zinc, and antioxidants.  Vitamins also help: Vitamin K and Cysteine help product more keratin and melanin while iron/biotin/silica all help to combat thinning. Remember this post?

Avoid Stress

Stress is not just a feeling. It actually affects your body and results in adverse health changes.  Stress often causes acne right? Well, it can also make your hair very unhappy! Stress causes your follicle to become rigid—causes increased breakage. Even worse, stress increases production of the adrenaline hormone, which converts to androgens (male horomones) causing hair to fall out!! PRESCRIPTION: Take a chill pill & don’t allow stress to control your life. Also, if you’re on birth control, ask your doctor about switching to a low-androgen one.

Stop Excess Heat Styling

Frequent usage of heat tools result in severe loss of keratin, which results in easily broken hair. Translation: Broken hair looks bad and stunts hair growth! This is why I always stress that moisture is key to growing long, healthy hair. Start with a water-based daily moisturizer and weekly deep conditioning. Keratin-filling products, such as Keralink, also help to fill the gaps in your hair strand.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp

We’re always so focused on our strands that we forget the scalp. Just as you care for the skin on your face, your scalp also needs TLC. When the pores in your scalp are clogged, bacteria can reside on your scalp and follicles resulting in stunted hair growth. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and use circular motions while shampooing. Weekly scalp massages are also good for increasing blood circulation to your scalp, which encourages growth. Scalp massage tutorial coming soon! Also, frequently massage anti-bacterial oils into your scalp frequently to keep your skin healthy—castor oil is perfect for this.

Milford Sound in New Zealand


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