“Curly Q’s” with Steam Rollers (plus Caruso Roller Review)

Finally found my transitioning style for the summer. As you know, I only use heat on my hair every blue moon, when I flat iron for a length check. Well, I’ve always loved the look of sprial curls, but never had the time or patience to sit in a chair and have a burning hot curling iron ran through my strands.  A few months ago, I bought a Caruso Steam Roller Set on sale at Sally’s, which come with three different sizes of rollers: Small, Medium, and Large. Rollers were rolled under in a cork-screw fashion and only required about 15 minutes to set. I used the small rollers to achieve the curls show in this gallery:

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Myth: Steam rollers don’t work on African-American Hair

Steam Rollers are perfect for all hair types!  Steam opens the shaft and allows moisture infusion in the hair—like a sauna for your hair. Moisture is distributed from your roots, down your hair shaft, all the way to your ends. It may take a few steam treatments to see results in hair health. Steam also provides exceptional shine and manageability. And the most important point: Steam is actually better  for tightly coiled hair because it replaces moisture lost through poor habits, such as relaxing/heat styling/general maintenance.  So yes, steam rollers benefit black hair exceptionally!

Myth:  Steam rollers makes hair frizzy.

Only if the roller set isn’t done right. You must be sure to use the right products and set the hair properly when steam rolling to prevent frizz. Make sure hair is moisturized and apply a serum before rolling to prevent frizz and fly aways.


Caruso rollers use Ion Technology™  to create soft, shiny, voluminous curls while reducing static and frizz. The Caruso curls also last much longer than usual steam rollers and provides a more defined curl in 30 seconds. I went from bland to Glam in less than an hour using NO HEAT!   I almost feel like I was born with these curls since they are super soft and natural-looking. The only complaint I have is that there are only five small rollers and mostly jumbo rollers—I also could not find a refill set of small rollers anywhere besides online, so that was very inconvenient, but I guess its a great marketing strategy by Caruso 😉

Caruso Professional Steam Rollers with Ion Technology™

ProductCaruso Professional Steam Rollers with Ion Technology™

Price: $32-$45 (I caught them on sale at Sally’s for $29)

Hair Type: All

Where to Purchase: Sally’s Beauty Supply, Ulta, Supercenters, Online

Pros: Non-damaging, no frizz, perfectly set curls in 10 minutes, adds volume, improves health of strands with continued use.

Cons: Not enough small and medium rollers included; refills available online and hard to find in stores.


4 responses to ““Curly Q’s” with Steam Rollers (plus Caruso Roller Review)

  1. I love both steam & hot rollers on my hair! I put Sebastian mousse on first the put the rollers in & leave them while I get dressed and put on my makeup? Sophia, what is your opinion on hot rollers?

    • I love them! They’re an easy, non-damaging way of styling your hair quickly. Curling irons are so hot and damaging and not worth the risk in my opinion, unless heat is used rarely. I gradually trimmed about eight inches of heat-damaged hair and I can honestly say that over time, its just not worth the long-term effects. So steam rollers, in particular, are an alternative.

      I also never used mousse, but willing to try it. Does the sebastian mousse result in soft hair? BTW, thanks for commenting =)

      • just curious–and I don’t mean this as offensive–but do you actually know steam rollers aren’t damaging to hair? I’ve been trying to find that out, but 99% of advice online assume only dry heat is damaging, therefore steam isn’t.. but a few people say it’s just as bad because it penetrates your hair shaft and essentially ‘cooks’ it. I don’t know what to believe since I’m no scientist 😡 lol

      • Steam is actually recommended in deep treatments and styling because it opens our cuticles and allows wet moisture in, instead of sucking moisture out such as dry heat does. However, the over-use of any type of heat or manipulation will be inveitably damaging without a proper regimen and understanding of YOUR hair. Mine has actually thrived since deep conditioning with steam once a week and trading my flat iron for steam rollers, so to each his own =)

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