Natural: I Almost Gave Up Today!!

Umm Hmm, sure did!

O-M-G!!! It’s only March and it has been 80 degrees for a few days here in Chicago. My number one worry when deciding to transition to natural was how the humidity would affect my hair—and I was right, it was super poofy at the roots, which made the two textures obvious and made me look cuh-razy!!! Last night all I could think about was how convenient it would be to just give up the transition and texlax my roots…after work I came home and stalked the half empty relaxer in my bathroom and came thisclose to getting it crackin’ but something kept holding me back. So I decided to co-wash and give myself more time to make the final decision. When I peeped my natural texture, which is more obvious since I’m having a growth spurt, I INSTANTLY  knew that I had to keep pushing. My curls are starting to become defined and I love them! Here’s a pic that I took earlier today:


4 Months Natural


I’m in love again….I realize that I just can’t let my curls dry up because they become frizzy….so I’ll be co-washing A Lot this summer to keep my hair hydrated. I also purchased Shea Moisture’s Curl Souffle so we’ll see how that helps. Now I just need to find a good transitioning style…..stay tuned! =)



Milford Sound in New Zealand


Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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