Operation Natural: Aborted

Freshly Texlaxed and Air-dried (3/2012)

I did it, and I don’t regret it.

My goal to transition to natural hair  WITHOUT the big chop did not go as expected. My natural hair and texlaxed hair began to clash, which historically leads to breakage and I did not want that to happen so I went into prevention mode and decided to continue on with my fully texlaxed journey.  I’m not bold enough to big chop, and unwilling to fully relax my hair so continuing to texlax gives me the best of both words. At least I can say I stretched for four months, which gave my hair a break. Four months of new growth also made it easier to identify my new growth while texlaxing, which prevent overlapping already processed hair.

So, what is Texlaxed Hair?

Texlaxed hair is gently and strategically under-processed hair, that does not completely break down the protein bonds and results a looser pattern of your natural curls.  So basically, I like to call it 50/50—50% relaxed and 50% natural.  I’ve been texlaxed since 2008, which allowed me to keep most of my natural texture for stronger and thicker hair.

Transitioning: Grow Out vs. Big Chop

In my opinion, the best way to transition to natural is to have an ultimate goal of big chopping. It’s the best way to witness and enjoy your natural texture and the easiest way to manage and style your new hair. A very bold friend of mine is currently transitioning to natural and recently big chopped. She is on a beautiful and inspirational  journey to natural strands. If you are interested in transitioning to natural hair, check out her blog for tips at Creativeli Coiled.

What Now?

My Hairvolution will continue on, focusing on reaching my goals of healthy, texlaxed, waist-length hair. I always wanted to see if I could pull off natural hair, and I am pleased that I can do it, but now without a big chop—and I’m just not ready for that. Stay tuned….=)

Milford Sound in New Zealand


Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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