Track Your Hair Growth

When working towards a goal, its good to keep track of your growth with quarterly length checks. I straighten my hair and take a back shot after each touch-up to see how far I’ve come. It sounds silly, but believe me….it makes a big difference when you can actually see every inch of your hair growing.  It encourages you to keep going when you see results. The length check pics also help to identify hard to notice hair problems, such as uneven ends. I’ve created this chart below with the common terms for various lengths:

Feel free to save the photo and use Microsoft Paint (or a plain ol’ pencil) to jot down your starting length and goal length. This should also help when taking your Hairvolution photos (Click here for an example of my shots).

You can also click the thumbnail below for an image that shows the speed of hair growth for those that get at least 1/2 inch per month:

I started at SL, currently at BSL, aiming for WL. What’s your goal length?

Milford Sound in New Zealand


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