Myth Diss: Prenatal Vitamins


So, I was watching the Bad Girls Club yesterday and I heard the most ridiculous hair growth myth EVER!!! A woman told a very unknowingly girl to crush prenatal vitamins and mix them in her shampoo for hair growth….let it simmer….I’ll wait…..

Yea, so um no, this is NOT true. Clearly, vitamins are effective in your bloodstream not water stream—-you would absolutely waste your money following that woman’s advice because the vitamins do not have the ability to pierce through your hair strands and magically grow hair—the vitamins would just fall down the drain right along with your $$$.

The most effective hair growth vitamin in prenatal supplements is Biotin. Just buy the Biotin alone and take it with your regular multivitamin. See this post for more hair-loving vitamins =)

Happy Hair Growing!

Milford Sound in New Zealand


6 responses to “Myth Diss: Prenatal Vitamins

  1. Actually as a cosmetologist is know a little about hair. If you use warm water the cuticle of your hair will open and the vitemins will penetrate the hair. Idk if it will actually help it grow but it will penetrate.

    • Yes, but in order to obtain actual growth, then its better to take them internally. Hair grows from the inside out, not the outside in. Nutrition plays a HUGE factor.

  2. Recent research suggests a link between copper deficiency during pregnancy and neurological defects offspring. These findings may have implications for people in industrialized nations, says Tom Johnson, a researcher with the Department of Agriculture. The brain has several copper-containing enzymes that would suffer from a shortage of copper. Copper deficiency also reduces the activity of several enzymes that don’t contain copper.-

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