Rant: Dont Ask for Advice Unless You’re Open-Minded

Ahh the irony of curiosity. Throughout my journey, I’ve remained open to advice on the best ways to grow hair. Now that I’ve combined all of the techniques learned, its my duty to share information with my sistas to ensure that we all prosper. However, I have to spotlight those women who admire the work that goes into analyzing hair, but are too blind to notice they’re negativity towards taking a new approach.

I’m typing this post on my cell phone because I’m sure I’ll explode without a platform to vent. The best advice I can give is don’t ask for it if you’re going to dismiss it without trial. You will undeniably waste your time and others to inquire about successful techniques only to ASSUME it won’t work for your hair. Without trial and error, you hair will be at a stand still… Health-wise and length-wise. The truth hurts, but close mindedness kills. I appreciate the loyalty of the women and men who had a hair revelation through my blog and continue to welcome others who are bold enough to take an unfamiliar route to haircare. Peace!



Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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