MYTH DISS: Trimming Ends to Speed Growth

Hola ladies! Hope your Spring is going well. I just wanted to jump in and give my two cents on the whole trimming debate. I’m sure we can all relate to this post and I’d like to get a discussion going, so please leave a comment with your thoughts, habits, and opinions.

Myth: Trimming hair regularly helps it grow faster

This is not true. Nothing topical will speed your hair growth. In other words, no hair product or trim will give you instant gratification. Remember, retention is the biggest secret in growing long hair, so this myth counteracts everything that we know.  Forget who told you this and just think about it for a minute. Ahh, a moment of clarity right?  It makes no sense that trimming will result in hair growth. That’s impossible. Your hair doesn’t grow from your ends; it grows from your scalp.  I know many women and girls who trim their hair after each relaxer, even it there is nothing wrong with the ends. This is a result of the bad information; misconstrued from the “telephone game.” Here’s my PhiloSophie: someone, somewhere, a long time ago meant to emphasize the importance of trimming off split ends to maintain healthy hair, which promotes retention. But after this advice went through so many mouths, the story got changed.  And here we are myth dissing a gazillion years later…members of the Hairvolution know where I’m going with this…

Retention = Longer Hair. Period. Point Blank. Serious Face.

Growing healthy hair starts on the inside, maintained on the outside, and will take patience & dedication. We’ve all been led to believe that trimming hair regularly will help it grow better or faster, when that’s not necessarily the case. Your hair should only be trimmed when you have damaged ends. This is important because untrimmed split ends will tangle and result in knots, which will result in damaged hair.  Untrimmed split ends will also continue to split up the hair shaft, producing more damage and inhibit retention.  If you have a habit of trimming your ends for the sole purpose of hair growth,  PLEASE STOP DOING THIS.  You are only stunting your growth, which will make it harder for you to reach your goal. By following a solid regimen and caring for your hair properly,  you will not have to deal with split ends because your hair will be healthy. Split ends are a tell-tell sign of poor hair habits and yes, they should be trimmed at first contact. There are two REAL reasons to trim your hair:

1. To remove split ends

2. To fix uneven ends.

When you’ve learned how to retain your hair, you will likely notice that your ends are frequently uneven. That’s because all of the hair strands on your head grows at different speeds, so that explains why some pieces are longer than others. I personally trim my ends even after each relaxer for a cleaner look. Some people don’t mind uneven ends, so it’s really about your preference.  Spit ends are no longer as issue for me because I’ve learned how to avoid them. If you have split ends regularly, then its time to re-evaluate your hair habits and regimen because something isn’t working. My point is, your hair does not need to be trimmed if the two reasons above don’t apply. Let go of this misinformation and begin anew. Long, healthy hair starts with an open mind  =)

TIP:  If you trim your own ends, it’s very important to purchase good quality shears from a beauty supply. Poor-quality scissors do not cut properly and could actually result in more damage. So don’t use those old scissors lying around the house (promise me?). Get yourself some scissors made for cutting hair or head to the salon instead. If you live in the Chicago area, e-mail me and maybe I could even do it for you! (for a small fee of course)

When did you hear of this myth? Did I change your mind?

Milford Sound in New Zealand


Thoughts? Advice? Pictures? Please Share =)

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