Honey + Hair = Sweet Moisture

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and holds on to water molecules making it the perfect treatment for dry, dull hair.  When applied to your strands, honey can result in soft, shiny, and revitalized hair. There are various ways to include honey into your regimen. I mix about 2 tbsp. into my shampoo to reap the benefits. To use as a pre-poo, simply apply honey to damp  hair until all strands are coated. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes and proceed to shampoo as usual. To infuse into your deep treatment, mix equal parts of honey and oil with your deep conditioner and let sit for 30 minutes (without heat).  To use as a final rinse, mix 2 tbsp. to about one cup of water and pour over hair–add your leave-in conditioner  and continue with your regimen.  Despite its sticky texture, the honey treatment will rinse away easily. Honey is literally food for your hair and works best in the warmer months, since the  humectant properties of the honey takes advantage of the humidity in the air and puts it to good use.  If its healthy enough to eat, then its healthy enough for your hair. Wouldn’t you rather use a natural conditioner instead of all that chemical mumbo-jumbo on the shelves? Give it a try and come back to share your results =)

Note – Honey can lighten the hair over time. If you want to maintain your dark hair, use molasses instead.

Milford Sound in New Zealand


4 responses to “Honey + Hair = Sweet Moisture

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  3. thanks for the honey info. i will try it as a final rinse for a month

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